BonkBand, LLC

Our Story

My name is Kristen, I’m a mom to my five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.  I created BonkBand out of necessity as there was nothing like it out there.  I had the idea around the time of my daughters first birthday – she was just learning to walk and enjoying her independence and I was so happy to cheer her on as she explored the world around her.  But then one night an all too familiar series of events occurred. It was getting very close to bedtime, my husband and I were trying to coax her into the bathroom so we could wash her face and brush her teeth before bed, and BANG she fell down and hit her head square on the corner of the wall.  A bruised egg formed on her head almost instantaneously and she was crying. Since it was after normal office hours I had to wait for the doctor to call me back to let me know what the next steps were.  While waiting for the doctor call, my husband and I were able to calm our daughter down and major mom guilt set in.  How could I let this happen to my baby?  

The doctor ran down the signs of a concussion and assured us that she would be ok.  The only treatment he prescribed was to apply ice on the affected area.  That sounded easy enough, after all, in preparation for her arrival I had registered for and bought all the first aid kits and accessories I could find. Unfortunately, as an almost-one-year-old who was enjoying her new-found walking freedom, the last thing she wanted to do was sit still while my husband or I held an ice pack on her head.  And so, I took the opportunity to create a product that would help me and other parents.  

The BonkBand allows parents to put an ice pack into the headband’s pocket, place the headband on their child’s head while making sure the ice is covering the affected area.  Then the child is free to move about and continue play – no more squirming and negotiating. 

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Our Brand

Why a penguin? We didn’t choose our identifiable penguin logo simply based on the relationship penguins have with ice.

As parents ourselves, we were charmed to learn of the natural instincts of the mother and father Emperor penguin. The Emperor penguin truly embodies the meaning of caring for your family.

After the mother lays an egg, she sets off on a journey, as far as 50 miles to the open seas, to gather nourishing food for her young. Meanwhile, the father protects the egg during his mates’ two-month journey. He will stay standing – no siting or no eating, just braving the Arctic elements – in order to keep the egg safe and warm. The mother will return to regurgitate her food and feed the newly hatched baby. Then, the father leaves to find food for himself and like his mate, will return to his partner so both parents care for their young.

The desire to do whatever is necessary to care for your child is universal.  BonkBand aims to make mom and dad’s job a little easier by providing a hands-free way to ice those head bonks, bumps and bruises.