BonkBand, LLC


Why are there 2 pockets on the headband?

The outer pocket can be used if the child’s skin is very sensitive to the cold. When the ice is placed in the inner pocket there is only one layer of fabric between the skin and the ice creating a more intense cooling effect.   

Why are there extra ice packs for sale?  Are the icepacks reusable?

Yes, the icepacks are reusable; however, sometimes people may forget to refreeze the icepacks after use.  Others would prefer to have extra icepacks ready to go so they don’t have to wait for the refreeze.

Will the BonkBand fit adults?

Yes, the BonkBand was specifically designed to work on head sizes ranging from a 10-month-old, wobbly-kneed, first-time walker all the way to a full-grown adult.  

Is it just for bumped heads?

The main purpose behind the design is to provide a hands-free way to ice a head bonk, bump or bruise.  However, there are many other uses.  For example, the ice pocket can be placed on the jawline for toothache relief, or used on the forehead for headache sufferers.  People have worn it to cool down after a workout, after participating in a sporting event, or while outside doing yard work.  The stretchy material can be looped around to ice an arm or leg injury as well.  

I own a childcare facility, can the headbands be washed so kids can share them incase of injury?

Yes, the headbands are washable.