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Hands free relief for head bonks. BonkBand is a comfortable, washable, stretchable headband with double sided icepack pocket.
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As parents, there is nothing more gut wrenching than watching your child get hurt. Now, add the complexity of trying to get your little one to sit still while trying to ice their head, squirming and uncomfortable. At BonkBand, we are trying to solve this problem. Just slip a BonkBand on your child's head and let it ease your child back to normal with no more squirming.

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BonkBand is a comfortable, washable, stretchable band with double sided icepack pocket.

Icing your child's bonks has never been easier with our elastic, one size fits all band, and convenient double-sided ice pocket.  The BonkBand is clean, durable, and a washable spandex which provides comfort, and peace of mind for all.  We couldn't find a simple solution, so we created our own! 


Five star rating of BonkBand
Such a great idea!! I was impressed with the fabric...stretches for a comfortable and secure fit. My daughter is HAPPY to wear it...which is amazing because she will not sit to hold an ice pack on her head when she gets hurt!

– Dana B

5 star rating of BonkBand
This is a GO TO item for my kids now. It’s solves a key problem and makes our life easier at the same time. Did i mention that they’re comfortable and cool looking as well? Why haven’t you bought one yet?!?!

– Craig R


At BonkBand, we are parents first.  We strive to provide the best care and want to hear from consumers like you to improve our brand and make life's journeys even better. Please email us with any questions at and we will respond as soon as possible. Feel free to share a testimonial, and subscribe to our VIP list below for inside tips and deals!